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Originals and Exclusives content by Pierre Woodman. Woodman Casting X, #1 rated soft and porn auditions website. Caylian Curtis Woodman Casting X
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Frequently Asked Questions
I did not received my Login/password by mail

After the first time you have paid, you should received an email with login / password.
Your login is your email, your password is the one you set or it should have been automaticaly generated.
Especialy if you have a Yahoo mail box, please check in your spam directory if the mail is present.
If you don't have this email, please reset it here : Lost Password Reset

If the password rewnal don't succed, please contact us with the form bellow.

Can I use Download Accelerator ?

In most case, it's usless to use a download accelerator.

Resume feature is now available in all modern Internet browser.
We do not limit bandwith, so it can help if you Internet Service Provider apply some limitation.

Warning 1 : Some Download Accelerator will NOT works. (DownloadthemAll! for Firefox work if you really need one)

Warning 2 : Using download accelerator and Streaming in the same time may result in streaming video freeze or error.

How Can I Cancel ?

Log in, than go to account section, and fill the 2 cancels Form.

The first form is a a FeedBack to help us improving this website.

The second form, is our billing Cancel Form.
They could ask a part of your credit card number (never your whole number). This allow the bank to identify your membership transactions.
This will not maid you paid anything more.

Are Payments Securized ?

Yes! We use 2 external serious compagnies : Gtbill or Allopass.

The payments pages/popup, where you enter your credit card number, are always protected using HTTPS TLS/SSL at Least 128 Bits

We do not have your credit card number, we use those compagny processing to manage it. So please do never write it in this contact form. Thank you.

When can I stop my Membership ?

At anytime, you are free.

If I buy a video, can I go back later to download it ?

When you bought a video with credit, you can go back at anytime in the future to watch or download it again.
This video will be in your account forever.

Can I share videos ?

No, your are the only one authorized to watch the videos.
Sharing your account may result in a block of your account
Sharing videos/photos over the internet will result in legal proceedings.
Thanks for your comprehension.

Are there some hidden cost ?

No, a lot of Adult Website use a bad practive named "cross sell".
When you take a membership on WoodmanCastingX, you only paid for WoodmanCastingX.
There is no hidden checkbox, no small hidden text...
We use Fair practice, to be a trusted website.

A website is selling or sharing one of your videos.

As woodman casting is a registred Trademark, official content is only available on woodman-network websites.
Please use the Report Abuse form.

If you have paid with GTBILL system
To cancel a membership or for customer service
click here